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Each How2 bundle contains videos relevant to a role or a common theme, and each video has accompanying documentation that you can download to act as further support or to test your knowledge once you’ve completed the video or bundle.

Content is free to use, although registration on the site is required if you want to access all the site has to offer including, for example, tracking your progress through available bundles and receiving notifications when new video content is uploaded that is relevant to you, not to mention the ability to create and store notes as you watch videos, and to produce CPD certificates.

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EMIS Web Concepts and Protocols

This bundle is aimed at beginners and gives an introductory overview to Concepts and Protocols in EMIS Web. Starting with the basics of Concepts, the videos walk you through what these are for, how you..

Confidentiality Policies in EMIS Web

This video looks at how Confidentiality Policies can be used in EMIS Web to hide data from people who should not have access to it. Going from hiding single data items, to whole consultations and..


This bundle contains videos that may be of particular interest to anyone with the role of an ANP. The content includes, for example, videos on: Navigating, configuring and using EMIS Web from the clinician’s..

Care Coordinator

This bundle contains videos that may be of particular interest to anyone with the role of a Care Coordinator. The content includes, for example, videos on: Finding Patients and the Patient Précis Bar; navigating,..


How2 use this site

  • If you’re lucky enough to have two screens available, watch the How2 videos on one screen and have the target software programme (e.g. EMIS or Docman) running on the second screen.  Pause the video whenever you wish and practice the functionality on the actual software.  When you do, always remember to use dummy patients to practice on.
  • Use the Search boxes to search for Role-related content, Theme-related content or search by Keyword.
  • The search function will create a Bundle of videos relating specifically to your selected tag or keyword and display all the videos along with a status to indicate which ones you have already watched, or partially watched.
  • Clicking on each video will open a time-stamp list of the content of that video.  You can then jump to the exact point in the video that a specific function is covered.
  • Videos can be watched in any order, and you can watch them as many times as you wish.
  • You can pause midway through a video and return to it at a later time.
  • Alongside many of the videos you will find supporting documentation that you can download if you wish:  A transcript of the video, or a set of validation exercises to help you test your knowledge and understanding of the content, for example.
  • Keep an eye on the ‘What’s New?’ section which will highlight any new content, and also provide any recommendations specifically for you, based on your role.


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