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How2 now hosting Ardens training videos

We’re excited to introduce the first Ardens content to the How2 site.  We’ve worked closely with the team at Ardens to ensure that their own video content can be accessed through the How2 site.  This first ‘beginners’ bundle focusses on content for users who are new to Ardens on EMIS Web.  We plan to add further bundles including content for more advanced users in the new future.  If you use Ardens and EMIS Web in your practice we’re sure you’ll find something useful in these new bundles to help you optimise your use of the different elements of Ardens.  As with all our content, if you have any feedback on the existing content, or suggestions for new content, please be in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ section.

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New Bundle looking at Confidentiality Policies on EMIS Web

Our latest video to be added to the How2 site takes a look at the Confidentiality Policies on EMIS Web and how these are used to hide contents of patient records from those who should not view it.  This could relate to individual coded items, like information about domestic violence, whole consultations, or even the...

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New Video – Postdating Prescriptions in EMIS Web

Following user requests, we’re pleased to release a new video looking specifically at how to postdate prescriptions in EMIS Web.  It covers examples of a single delayed antibiotic prescription and other examples of series for daily or weekly pick-ups. You can find this in the ‘Using EMIS Web in Consultation’ bundle, alongside the video...

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New GDPR Bundle Released

We’re pleased to announce our new bundle with a wide selection of videos focussing on GDPR and Information Governance.  This selection of videos can be watched as part of a training course, or you can use the videos to refresh your memory about specific GPDR and IG approaches.  The content ranges from an overview...

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